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Dance Physiotherapy

Amanda obtained her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario. She is an expert in assessing orthopedic injuries and providing clinically proven treatment methods.  Her background includes 20 +years of training in, competing, instructing and choreographing dance.


As a physiotherapist she specializes her practice using manual therapy and exercise prescription.  She is passionate about treating dancers and enjoys working with them to get them back to the activity they love as quickly as possible and at a level that exceeds what they may have been working at before.  It is her goal to help each and every dancer she sees to avoid future injury and reach his or her optimal potential in movement.


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A dance specific musculoskeletal assessment by physiotherapist, Amanda Miller PT.  Assessment begins with a subjective evaluation of how the current injury occurred and if there is a history of previous injuries.   This is followed by a detailed physical examination which includes looking at several areas including posture alignment and symmetry, neuromuscular control / balance (proprioception), range of motion and muscle strength/endurance.  



- Education for dancer and parent regarding cause of dance injury

- Manual therapy techniques to assist with movement and reduce stiffness

- Development of an exercise routine for recovery and prevention of future injury and improve performance

- Body awareness and balance enhancement strategies

- Modalities such as Ultrasound treatment, taping, acupuncture as needed




Improving Dancer's Health and Wellness

Amanda Miller 

MPT, Physiotherapist



Reduce the risk of injury and protect a young dancer's development with a specific screening assessment by Amanda.  The following areas will be assessed and instruction on corrective or preventative exercises will be prescribed.


- Foot and ankle mobility

- Strength and control (proprioception) of foot and ankle

- Core Stability and strength

- Turnout range and strength




Amanda provides detailed strength and conditioning treatment designed to specifically address the needs of a dancers.   Either following an injury or as a proactive program, dance physiotherapy can help avoid the trend of lower leg injuries that are so common in dance.   Using clinically proven methods, Amanda can help dancers improve their strength, balance and control which are essential in  helping prevent injuries.   Developing these skills aslo will improve performance with more flexibility, higher jumps and improved body awareness and control.


Amanda will also provide detailed instruction on dance specific exercises that can be done following physiotherapy.  Education and methods to progress a strength and conditioning program will enable a dancer to continue to improve on their own.

Dancer Performance Enhancement